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Is This What We Really Want?

Every time I turn on my radio, there's ridiculous songs about sex, drugs, booze, and other crap. When I turn on my TV, there's shows like Jersey Shore, and TMZ, and those ridiculous shows like Revenge. I mean seriously, come on! Is this all the stuff we want in life? Is this the stuff we want to honor? Believe in? Who says that teenagers think about sex nonstop all the time and that its okay to do it all the time, and its okay to get wasted at parties, and that its okay to do drugs and all this crap? Yeah, I get that a lot of songs out there have catchy tunes, and some are relatable. But how often do you really pay attention to the lyrics? I mean, have you heard the song "We Are Young" by Fun? The guy is singing about is friends getting stoned in a bathroom while he tries to figure out a way to make up with his girlfriend who he had physically hurt before and is hoping she will take him back. Come on, that's pathetic. Or the song "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. If a 28-year-old is still singing about partying and having sex and being like a teenager again, is she really doing anything great with her life? Or any of these celebrities?

How many celebrities do you know of that have turned out all right? Does anybody realize that some of these people we idolize are total screw-ups at liufe, getting good and drunk and wasted all the time and partying their hearts out, just because they can? It's ridiculous.
TV shows have the same problem. Why on earth anybody loves watching people just act all ghetto and party and get wasted and have sex is beyond me. Its ridiculous. You know they always say that we're the future of America, but how are we going to really turn out if we become like this?!

Why do people believe the media when they portray sex as something really fun and great to do all the time? Yeah, it's nice, but it's stupid to lose your virginity with someone you'll regret at the age of --big shocker now--13! What's wrong with waiting? So many people who have lost their virginity regret it, and they even will tell you so. Someone told me I was mlucky before because I still hadn't had sex yet, because it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. And you know what? I still haven't! And I'm okay with that! People, you aren't going to DIE. Fitting in is NOT the most important thing, and anyone who tells you it is or acts like it is an idiot. I mean, fine, if you want to screw up your life like everybody else, be my guest! but I am staying who I am! And hey, people say I'm weird, a lot of people don't like me, I don't fit in with people at my church because even the kids there are turning out like crap (so, there you go, I totally support the fact that Christians aren't high and righteous, because we're not, and we all have the same problems!. But you know what? A long time ago, i was insecure, and I did care about that. But now, I don't.

Drugs and alcohol are stupid. They'll ruin your life. The momentary pleasure is nothing compared to actually living a long, good life. How many celebrities do you think are actually happy? Have you seen pictures of Britney, and Lindsay Lohan, and all these other ones? Do you really want to be at the mercy of public opinion? Or do you want to stand out, and stand apart, and trust your own decisions and actually think straight for a change?

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Aqua. said...
Dec. 18, 2012 at 6:07 pm
Its so true what has this world come to
BabblingPollyPolliwog replied...
Dec. 18, 2012 at 6:09 pm
IDK, but it's totes NOT ending on the 21st.
Kiry12 said...
Dec. 18, 2012 at 5:24 pm
I love it:)
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