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Wishful Thinking

To the genies out there:

I wish that people would care. Care about others and themselves. About how they are murderers of what Mother Nature has carefully crafted and given. I wish they would care about those with whom they share their lives, and swallow the words that hurt the most. It would be nice if they could file down the sharp tips of those evil thoughts that pierce like knives, and all that would remain would be the dust. It is easy to blow dust away.

I wish that the children would not learn numbers early. I wish that age and height and weight would not exist. Everything would be so much better if no one knew that their house was a third the size of someone else's. The value of a gift would not be stamped greedily onto a price tag in a bulky, square font. People would determine for themselves how much a thing is worth, how much love it can show another. We would be free if we were not bound by digits, if the walls that they create between people could be torn down.

I wish that there would be no lines. I wish that we could draw our own without the help of a rigid ruler, and this would be accepted. Imperfections would be treasured and there would be no standards. The insulting symmetry of a board or a box would not exist. I wish that we could connect our own dots and would never have to trace an example set by others. What if we could break the ever-binding circles in life of what is right and what is crooked and wrong?

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