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The Chocolate People

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I am a milky white chocolate, plain and overlooked, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find I’m rich with taste and zest. I’m in the corner of the selection box next to my dark chocolate friend who’s confident and perky, just waiting to be found. Her ideas flow, from marzipan centres to coconut coatings. But her colour is against her; people prefer the ordinary milk chocolate or the pretty caramel swirls. What they don’t see is a whole new flavour waiting to be discovered.

All of us rest in our fancy selection box, together but divided by walls of black plastic. No one is aloud inside our small fitted moulds, but sometimes we allow the barrier to drop and try something new and different. And sometimes, just sometimes, we embrace our diversities and realize we are all part of the same chocolate box, we all live in the same world.

Black. Brown. White.

A quick glance and that’s all you see, but strip back the layers and take a close look and you’ll see what’s inside. And when it comes down to it that’s all that really matters. People judge you by your colour, but they don’t know what you’ve got buried beneath your skin.

Take a dark chocolate and a white chocolate. Put them both in your mouth and the taste is beyond anything you can compare. United as one, we can make a difference. Go ahead and judge us, but we are stronger linked together.

A dark hand enfolded in a light one.

Deep down we’re all the same, living in our chocolate boxes and sticking to the usual. But when we realize that we’re all people in this world, when all the chocolates merge into one, the outcome will be truly miraculous.

Now curl up in your little plastic mould and wait for tomorrow, but always remember we are all just chocolate people in a chocolate box waiting to be found.

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