Being A Teenager

June 7, 2012
By PoetryGuy18 SILVER, Corpus Christi, Texas
PoetryGuy18 SILVER, Corpus Christi, Texas
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This may be a copyright or something because when they say "when you are a teenager, your hormones will kick in and you will find out what kind of person you will be the rest of your life." it's really true. It is also true when they say "you will find different people to love and when it seems that you find your true love and the relationship ends, you will find another true love and this drama will continue throughout your teenage life." These statements are very true for most teenagers throughout the world. When you lose your "true love", you go through a state of depression and anger. Sometimes this may actually be good because it may prove what you will be in the future. If you cut your wrists but sterilize them as soon as you come to your senses, then you could most likely become a doctor. If your like me, you went straight to writing your feeling out on paper, and now your a poet or book writer. If your the person who takes anger and sadness out on other people, then you may become a martial arts instructor. So it may also be true when they say "being a teenager is good as it determines what you will be in the future and what you are leaves a huge footprint in history and may help others survive. Being a teenager has its advantages, but like every stage of life it has its disadvantages. Loving a boy or girl almost always ends. Losing faith in a religion has a major affect on a teenager's life because it could destroy unity and sometimes respect from family members. Having sex either protected or not makes you feel guilty and lots of times, partners end up with a baby or a disease. As a child you may have been a smart and good-behaving pupil, but as you develop into a teen you learn new "words" and try new "things". These simple things determine whether or not you stay a good person. But luckily there is a cure to all these unwanted things. It's called coping. I learned in a behavioral hospital that coping with your problems will always replace the bad with the good. Being a teen is like touching acid. Some is harmless and some is fatal. But in the end, it always determines how your life will be in the future. Choose good and your life will be full of riches and good things. It is up to you, but choose wisely. 

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Choose your choices wisely as a teen

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