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Dear the World

Dear the world,

I am not perfect, so are you. I make mistakes, so do you. I have my good and downs, the same goes to you. I show the bright side of me to the people who show me love and affection, and show the darkest to the people who give me their backs…and yet again, you do too.

It seems to me that you (the world) should be treated as one. People blame you for the life they have…well, isn’t it their problem that they had not even tried smiling at you, complimenting you, or at least thanking the almighty lord about your blessing. I don’t blame you; instead, I will show you what you deserve. I will be a real friend and hopefully not a hypocrite or a friend for benefits.

As they say, “life is like a mirror, if you smile at it, it smiles back”. So if I laugh and show you deep love, your laugh goes up the same road. Since I think I’m perfect ( never the wrong one) , you have every right to do the same…but now I know, and understand, that whatever bad happens doesn’t come from your attraction, but mine! All you have is the reason for it to happen, and the one to blame.

Now I will tell you, like never before, that carved in my heart is your name. The one that I could rely on forever, the one that has Gods blessings with the held sky and cushioned grounds, the one that could be whatever depending on my decisions, the one world I am talking about.

The most important ownership in life is ones soul. In other words, my soul is of big importance. But the secret behind this statement is, you are the biggest, most important gift of all, you yes you, are the reflection of me, you are me, you are……the world.

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