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January 9, 2012
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Working in business and politics for over twenty four years, John Huntsman has shown that he could become an able candidate for the Republican Party. Not only this, but I believe that he could be a successful and well liked president. His track record in Utah, the state in which he was formally a governor in, has been phenomenal. Though not many know about Huntsman, I would not count him out for the candidate of the Republican Party.

Jon Huntsman is a Republican, but he has rather moderate stands. In Utah, he supported legislation that would have allowed same sex civil unions to be legalized in the state. He also has supported some of Obama’s proposed plans. Even though most republicans were angered over this, he stuck with his ideas. The people respected his choice, and before leaving Utah he had one of the highest approval rates for a governor, which was eighty percent. At times his approval rate hit up to ninety percent, something that is mostly unheard of. Obama’s current approval rate is only 44%, less than half of what Huntsman’s highest approval rate is.

Huntsman has also been an ambassador to China. He believed in working with China, unlike what Obama’s new Far East policies seem to be stating. I agree with Huntsman, as fighting with China for influence it the Far East would most likely end in a failure.

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