OMG, BRB, LOL, JK, SMH,LMAO, TTYL; The End of a Civilized Society?

December 14, 2011
By Alyssa Ortiz BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
Alyssa Ortiz BRONZE, Surprise, Arizona
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Texting is the new and elevated way to socialize in teens and young adults. In today’s day and age popularity isnt measured in the number of yearbook signings or the amount of friends in a clique, but rather the extensive contacts in a person’s cell phone. Technologies ability to contact anyone in the world in seconds with a few typed words is extraordinary. Although, is it priceless? A few undeniable effects of texting are thumb/wrist pain, sentences begin to be written in lol’s and jk’s, and a devastating loss of verbal social skills.

Just a few days ago, MTV aired an episode of their famous show “TrueLife” that carried a title of “I’m Addicted to Texting”. Throughout the show, teenagers admitted to sending up to 80,000 text messages a month. One young adult was forced to put her dreams of collegiate level volleyball aside because she refused to end texting tirades that led to extensive wrist pain. It may seem laughable to experience physical pain from texting; However, it has been noted in recent studies that young people who text have higher tendencies to develop arthritis and tendonitis in their fingers, hands, and wrists.

From an early age, it is taught to always “Write like you speak and speak intelligently”. Students are constantly graded on grammar and technical rubrics, the slightest flaw allows for a large point dedcution. It’s no wonder teens take a jump at the idea of constantly texting in abbreviations. No need to write out every single sentiment. No need to expand every text with a thesis and support. The beauty of texting is one concept: There is no one there to pass or fail you. Although, after so many condensed text messages, reasonably short words such as you get cut to just the letter u and words like are get cut to just the letter r. Soon, complete thoughts and emotions are expressed with smiley faces, winky faces, or way-to-excited-with-the-mouth-hanging-open faces. When is enough, enough?

An appealing concept of texting is the ability to seem clever, witty, and hilarious in one or two sentences. In truth, most verbal meetings result in blubbering, stuttering, inchoerent statements. Being able to plan and organize every conversation is a major plus, one that convinces teenagers to only converse over text messages. Some young adults have entire relationships over text message with not only emotional messages but physical picture messages. With all these virtual powows, verbal communication turns awkward and silent. Teenagers don’t have time to think and plan everything they say which resuls in a silent, nearly non-existent conversation.

Overall, the days of butterfly inducing exchanges and rythmic writing has dissipated into thin air, with small puffs of “lol” and “smh” floating heavily. Texting has resulted in hand/ wrist pains, sentences formulated around slang text and a depredating loss of verbal skills. Is texting the end of a civilized society? Only time will tell.

The author's comments:
I am an excessive texter and I wanted to write an essay that contradicted my own thought process. This essay inspired me to change my habits and to think twice before writing "lol".

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