Domesic Violence

October 13, 2011
By Rae1715 BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
Rae1715 BRONZE, Marrero, Louisiana
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Domestic violence is happening everywhere. No matter how old, race, gender, or height. Its one of the top killers of people in the world.
What is domestic violence? Domestic Violence is the physical, emotional, or verbal abuse of a spouse in a relationship. It’s caused because the person who is causing the violence may have been through tough situations in their life and/or they like the feeling of controlling their spouse or loved one.
Early detection of domestic abuse is when the person you are with tells you to dress a certain way, they may possibly threaten you or grab you with force. This is just the beginning. Stop it before it gets worse. The other person will feel as though you have given them complete power over your life. Your spouse could hit you if you refuse to listen
The worst thing you can do is hit them back. You need to leave at that moment, no, matter how much love you have for that person because love isn’t suppose to hurt. Call the police and never return to them, it’ll only get worse. They don’t have to always physically abuse you. There’s Also verbal abuse in which they will use words to hurt you and bring you down to your lowest point. Saying you are ugly, worthless or trashy.
If you find yourself in a domestic violence filled relationship, leave. If you love yourself and your family you should leave. Maybe one faithful day, while you are with that person, they’ll hurt you bad enough to where you are in the hospital, suicidal or murdered.

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