The Bullying Cycle

November 12, 2010

To get to and from school i have to take the bus (joy unbound i know). On my bus there is the most ludicrous hierarchy, the "nerds" and the youngest kids in the front, then the year up from then further back and so on until the "so solid crew" in the back. I sit in the middle. Their is a boy on my bus who is without a doubt a bully. constantly looking for a suitable target to vent his anger on. He normally will choose a girl who will be known as Kara. She is awkward and skinny with glasses and is the perfect person for any bully as she is a victim. She struggles to stick up for herself and just wants the attention off of her. Here is where the cycle begins. There is a younger boy (4 years younger infact than the bully, Kara and I) who is forced to sit by Kara due to the lack of seats. When the bully starts to pick on Kara she reflects his anger and pure nastiness to the poor 11 year old. She allong with the bully laughs and mocks him. Kara enjoys every second of this as for once she isn't excluded. She is the ringleader, something she never is. She feels the power that the bully feels when he picks on her. For the 10 minute long ride home all the things she feels when she is picked on are forgotten and lost. She knows all too well how the 11 year old feels but for now she is in control. For that ride home no one laughed at her or pointed or teased. But the next day she will feel all that sadness again. This is the cycle of bullying that has to be stopped. If you feel you've been made to feel small making someone else feel smaller won't take that away. We can all stop the cycle of bullying as to some extent we have ALL been made to feel small. We can ALL relate to that kid you see getting picked on. If we have the power to bully some one, we have the power to stop some one getting bullied.

The author's comments:
If we all made some one feel smaller than we feel, we'd all be miniscule.

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on Dec. 8 2010 at 7:20 am
the writer drew me in to read more, lovely style of writing.

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