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What Matters Most

Divorce rates have gone way up in recent years, right? Well hasn't anyone ever stopped and wondered why? Didn't anyone ever think that maybe, just maybe, it's because our society is the way it is? Where on Saturday nights, lots of people go out to the clubs, get drunk, and end up doing things they never intended to do. When we have places like Hooters, where the main attraction is a woman's chest. To have a successful marriage, you need to be content with your spouse as they are. That's going to be very difficult if you're constantly going places that portray women with unideal proportions. Strip clubs are an extreme dilemma. You need to rid your mind of these images and thoughts, and focus more on what you have. Focus on God, your wife or husband, and your kids. Those are the important things in life, and if you bring God into the mix, you can see amazing changes in your marriage and home life. Stop and think about what matters most, and then make important decisions based on that.

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Wordart said...
Jul. 30, 2010 at 1:41 am:
thankyou for that, I recently submitted an article  that tells society to stop portraying women as things, and to show them as people. 
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