An Outlook to the Future

April 18, 2010
By Raymond La BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
Raymond La BRONZE, Stuart, Florida
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My first article for Teen Ink A World In Danger was written back when I was a freshman in high school. When I look back at it now after a couple of years, I see it contained a passionate message about the environmental state of our planet, amongst several other issues our planet faces. I wrote about the perils our global environment currently faces and will face, unless the planet realizes that differences in political ideologies, ethnicities, and religious affiliations must be set aside to work together as a planet to solve this impending issue. I stated that letting our planet lay to waste is not morally acceptable. Nevertheless, I wrote an article with all my heart and was rewarded with my first publication in the magazine.

I see now that there are many other issues along with the environment that deserve attention. The environment is an unique issue that requires some foresight to understand and deal with the problems that are or (hopefully not) will be associated with it. But also, one cannot ignore the myriad of other issues that challenge us on a regional, national, continental, or global scale. American education reform, inner city poverty, health care access, recovery from natural disasters, access to technology in third world nations...One could probably fill multiple notepads with these and other such issues. Although it may be too much to ask for a perfect world, it never hurts to strive for this ideal, since we all do share the same planet.

Back to my discussion of my first published article, with much positive feedback for it, I have realized how one person can raise awareness to a particular issue. However, this is limited. The number of people who have read my article is a minute figure when one considers the total human population of the planet, approaching seven billion inhabitants. Although one person can indeed inspire others, multiples of people can make a even greater difference together to positively benefit our world. Therefore as my peers and I approach adulthood in an ever changing world, I would like it to be known that it never hurts to make an effort to inspire others and then make an united effort together to be agents of change for the future.

The author's comments:
The current state of the world inspired me.

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