Our Future

November 19, 2009
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Is there any future for our mindless world? The way things repeat only spells doom for our world... if we can't break this cycle only disaster is in our path... but to change a world so set on ambition is the brave alone. Our world runs off of war. The war economy fuels the dreams of hungry leaders and crushes the paths of those whom would oppose. the human race is set upon self preservation and any chance to obtain power is quickly pursued man once said, "It is the rich who wage war and the poor who die." our continued cycle of war and world anguish is brought upon us because fear grips the minds of those whom would consider change and death meets those whom would act upon this dream of a better world. Are we to sit on the sidelines as many before us? Or are we the generation of change and growth towards a eutopia where mankind is able to look past the personal ideals that cloud our minds. The future is in our hands. Will we be the banner of a dream of unity or the headstone for the grave of humanity?

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