Tout est Noir et Blanc

June 8, 2009
By Vicki Allen BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
Vicki Allen BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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I once had someone ask me why I liked to paint in Black and White better than in color. I said, "I just do."

The truth is- is that, everything is black and white. There are so many greys in between, but none a pure white or black again. It leaves room for mistakes and learning.

Like with death- there is always life, with destruction there can only be rejuvenation, and rebirth. With theory, only choice, or debate or an alternative.

Black and White may only be just two colors, but like every other color there are many and many different combinations and different shades, hues, lights and darks.

I like black and white because- you can simply use two very different colors to create a wide range of emotion.
There is no red meaning anger or exuberance, or green or blue showing sadness or gloominess.
With a small stroke of black or white you can get sadness, anger, love, happiness, eternity- an ever after.

For every painting or picture there is a beginning and an end- a previous thought that made you want to do this, a certain reason-there always is. There is no art without thought, an experience, an emotion or even a dream before it.

Guys- I know not many of you read this, but for the few that do- do me and yourself a favor. Just go, smell a sweet yellow rose, wrap yourself in the excitement of a good movie where you feel like you're the star, or curl up with a loved one and just treasure it- or go outside and watch the sun rise or set, listen to waves crash on a beach while you breathe in the salty air and scrunch up your toes in the sand-or just look out your window on a clear night and look up at the stars above you and just soak it up.
I think if maybe people just go somewhere bigger and wider than themselves, we wouldnt have such a selfish world.
If we all just lived everyday as if it were our last and had a reason for sticking around we'd notice so much more than whats right in front of us, and realize- that there is something so much bigger than all of this, a gives us a new dimension of thinking and a new level of dreaming - that we'd all be able to live freer and happier.
And never ever have to look back on our lives as we pass on and not have to regret anything, be able to forgive, remember the best and the bad times that we learned, think of the life we have lived and live on and smile back at how stupid we were to have cried over something so small that we've lost, that there is something more important and special and dear to us that is not particularly something one can hold.

But inevitably does. And forever will. Life is full of color and brightness- but if we are able to see past the black and white and still see ultimately the spectrum beyond- then we can truly see.

The author's comments:
My whole experience with Hurrican Katrina and just my views when I look around, and just my gut feelings when I read something amazing. It has never been clear to me why people only see one way and not another, but maybe some of us do...

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