How God Worked in an Unfortunate Experience

March 18, 2018
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When I was twelve years old, God gave me the courage to face a racist and bigoted bully. This bully and I had previously been friends. However, I think, spurred by Trump’s campaign, he began to reveal his true beliefs. He stereotyped all black people as being uneducated, poor, and unmannerable. He made racist jokes on a daily basis such as:“Black people only eat out at Popeyes,” a fast food chain. Though he was disciplined and put on probation, he continued to harass me. I became more angry with him each day but I never found the courage to assert myself. Most days, the bully hurt my self-esteem to the point where I would not speak for the rest of the day. I believed God would rather want me to “turn the other cheek” and leave him be. In science class one day, he told me “Now I understand how you buy food, ...with food stamps!”At that moment, God gave me the courage to speak up. I told the bully that he was acting like a poor quality human. Afterwards, the bully fell silent. The courage I gained in that moment taught me that he was still human too. He had not transcended the divine, and he was not better than me. In fact, I began to understand that his attempts to demean my character was an attempt to compensate for his own poor self esteem. I confided to the teacher I most trust, Ms. Konopka. She had taught both of my older siblings and still keeps close ties with my parents. The bully was expelled.  However, God gave me the power to forgive this bully despite his vile actions. My family and I pleaded to have him continue in the school, and he was readmitted. God helped me release the hate I had in my heart for the bully, and we graduated together. Now, I see him frequently at track meets where he runs for his track team. We do not glare at each other or try to intimidate each other. Instead, we have small friendly conversations. Two weekends ago my mom gave him a big hug because he ran a great race. God has opened both our hearts to true kindness and genuine respect for one another.

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