Gay Marriage Should Be Illegal

Gay marriage has become one of the topics that separated North American ever since Stonewall parade of 1970. As rights of ethics such as African Americans, and Women’s rights were made, some people ask about gay rights, or even more so, gay marriage. As year pass on, the demand of same sex marriage increase because of the idea that love is marriage, no matter what. That is why same sex marriage should be illegal.


Many people assume that all Catholics hate gay people because of petitioning gay marriage. According to the Catholic belief, it stated that gay people are to be given extra respect and are the same people, but same sex marriage goes too far for respect from the Catholics. For people that think they are gay, lesbian, transgender, etc, I respect you that you know who you are and that you are accepting the way you are, but the only thing that I won’t stand is sex of the same gender and gay marriage. Marriage is a divine right given by God to Adam and Eve at Genesis to produce fruit and to populate the earth which is by sex. Marriage is a privilege that is given by no other than God, and it is made by God, not man. As one person said, it is Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. One example of the Bible is the city of Sodom was destroyed by the homosexual activity and marriage that happened in the city that result in the Heavens destroying the city with fire. Allowing gay marriage will open a door to Satan just like what birth control does, and when Satan comes in, chaos and evilness will plague the country, just like what Mexico is going on right now. People may say that Catholics are strict and rude, you think that, but at least try know the reason why Catholics hate two men or women are getting married or having sex. Besides, homosexuality is made by man, not God. Children are to have a mother and father, no exception. Where do babies come from? Not when two men or women are having sex that’s for sure.


For people that have a crush of the same sex, the question is this: what is pure, the lust that your eyes have, or the fact that even marrying someone of the same gender has “benefits”. The truth is that same sex is a sin, and it always be a sin no matter what. Love can be from both God and Satan, where a love that is approved by God and it holds the social backbone of society, while a love that is approved by Satan that is making society a land that is against God. Since same sex marriage is allowed, how are Americans are reciting the pledge,” I pledge alliance to the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God-.” Uh, it is not a nation under God. If it is, then how in the world is America allowing gay marriage? However, ignorance can be fog to the truth and it will continue to do so till the end of time where God will judge who is a child of him or child of Satan.

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