Women and Their Major Problems

March 24, 2013
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Why do people always underestimate women? I wonder. Are they causing outrageous problems? No Women can live a peaceful life in this world. In the schools, universities or even their jobs too! If we start from the offices, we can see a lot of managers and interns disrespecting any aged women even if they’re married and have more than a kid. It’s very hard for women to trust such kind of jobs and waste their education by staying as a house wife all life. Women are like a gold we can say, they are always pure hearted and always caring for their family, especially their husband and children. Eventually if women start disappearing in this world because of all this problems, who do you think will maintain the continuity of humans on earth? If man and women are united equally without war at least in a state, the whole world will follow this procedure and bring peace to the whole world without any minor troubles. Problems especially begin with the religious problems and if these problem are judged as they are to in a proper method, we will all find a difference in each and every human being who is good as well as bad. If women want freedom from all these evil creatures in this world they all are ought to be changed into understanding persons and this could be done only by well educated group of men! Secondly going through schools, we will see a lot of teens going through problems like being a school leader, prefect or even monitors for certain classes. Since most of the girls are a bit brave than boys, so they get the most precious position in schools but boys don’t understand that boys are expected to be boys and start teasing girls with their personal prospects and thwarting the girls. The causes of these problems are very big and the girls, especially teens dislike going to schools because of these reasons. Boys on the other hand are smart but not brave, these behaviours are common in school life and boys too become more energetic and valiant in their future education too like in universities and colleges. Boys are expected to be boys, this proverb itself proves that boys are always on their play and can never seem to be compared with girls. So boys don’t have to think or be jealous about the excellent acts of girls. Thirdly in their university or college life, women suffer more than 97%. Ragging, kidnapping, raping and even forced marriages by their parents too. In this stage women are brought to the bottom and dumped by the men. If we clearly see in a state for example in Australia, more women are facing ragging problems which are even done by women which means women disrespect women. If women don’t respect women, how will men do that people? We women are the main reason for this cause because we are giving away our dignity by disrespecting our own gender whereas a different gender is able to enter between us and worsen all of us by ragging and raping. Besides ragging we find another major problem faced by women and particularly teens in the present world is raping. Rapists are all around the world and spread in each and every corners of a state. Please brothers treat us like your mother or sister but not as a slave, I would say to all of them if I have a chance and not even polices in some villages are alarmed by these attacks. We women want an importance to our lives to live a happy life and if it is impossible who will save us, neither the superman nor the spider man but I assure if all men think and join hand in hand they can save the whole world starting from one or two of them. Finally I would like to end up my article by saying women are supposed to be respected equally like men keeping in mind if they are lost the whole world will face major problems!

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