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Fact Or Fiction?

Holding my hands in prayer, I want to kneel down in the direction (I do not really know the direction), where our ancestors are living and want to pay tribute to them, Ah! How good they lived.

It was amazing to study how the creatures with four legs play an important role in lives of creatures which are having two legs. If someone asks me which creature's voice is so wonderful in the world, I will answer it must be the donkey's voice. You may laugh, but do you know about the glory of that voice? Mexicans believe that hearing the voice of Donkeys will increase your memory power. So I am advising any of my friends who are poor in their memory and are failing in their exams to shift their residence to near any cowboy's home, who have donkeys. By doing so, they may enjoy hearing the delicate voice of the donkey every day that will help them to increase their memory power.

Oh my dear friends! Do not worry about your continuous defeats in the horse race. In this Twentieth century, some people are having even rats and insects as pets. They are the people who are not having good knowledge. What you have to do first is just work hard and do anything to catch a fox and have it as a pet in your home. Next day, before going to the horse race, just watch the face of the fox for a moment. If it brings luck to the Chinese, then why not you? You will surely win that day. Before that just remember a thing, you should be aware of the black cats that are hanging around you home. If you happen to see a black cat on your way, then I am not responsible for your loss and either the fox will not be. So at first, call a group of your friends and get rid of all the black cats in your surroundings.

Who says it's a curse to live in the world as a widow? I am asking you for a thing. Do you know that the widow has a power over life? We may fail to know, but the people in the West Indies had discovered that before us. So never grumble, even a word against widow. If you have to grumble against any widow, then do not apply for life insurance in any company.

Many years before there was a king named Genghis Khan ruled most of Asia. In his early reign, one visitor told him, he would become a great emperor very soon, if he manages to find a black crow bird with white feathers. The king sent all his soldiers to find a Black Crow with white feathers. One day, a soldier ran to the king's palace reported him that he had saw a black crow with white feathers. To the unfortunate of King, it flew before king reached it. The king got very angry with the soldier for being so late. He ordered to jail the soldier. The soldier calmly replied then,' Majesty, I got a great reward from you today for seeing a Black crow with white feathers'. The king later realized his mistake and asked the soldier to forgive him.

It is not to mean that I am asking the people not to believe in Omens. They may even believe in Astrology also. Very great is our ancestor. Out of 360 days, they had given us 300 days to marry. Marrying a girl in July or August will always end in divorce or she will elope with another man, like the Philippine people think.

We are living in the world after the Industrial revolution and had developed greatly in technology. It's really a great shame for us to believe anything superstitiously. There lived a boy many years before in Kentucky who was consider as a person without any luck by many people, but he worked hard and later rise as an Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest president of U.S.A. Even many people who felt they are lucky never achieved like him.

I am writing this essay at midnight Twelve. It's because I feel this will be the luckiest hour in a day to write this.

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