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I'm a nerd! So?

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A typical school class: the jock, the skater, the wannabe-popular-guy, the snob, the rich, the shy/no-talking guy, the church-goer, the w*** and… the nerd! Which class hasn’t got this guy or girl that can always be found with a book in their hand revising the next hour’s lesson? The person with big squared glasses and braces who asks for more homework from the teacher? Isn’t it so in movies? Yes it is. But is it so in real life? Well, go ask a nerd. Oh, wait here she is! She maybe can tell her story about being a nerd in person…

This title has been following me since I entered secondary school. I have always been the best student in my class. The one that always did her homework, the one that never took another note but A, the one that let her classmates copy her answers during a test… But even at junior-high school, this title is nothing but a negative stereotype. The others were seeing me as if I wasn’t doing anything different from studying. At first I was very annoyed. “Take a look at yourself and speak after that!”, I used to say. In fact was annoyed me most, was that I wasn’t spending all my afternoon revising, or I wasn’t crying when I was not so well prepared when the professor was examining me… I had friends, I used to go out on Saturdays, I wasn’t the person the others thought I was!! Why was that title then following me??

So, one day I decided to stop all that going around my name. I stopped doing all my homework. I said lies to my professors about it. I even gave out a blank sheet in one test we wrote. My aim was to get rid of my second name (the nerd of course) as soon as possible. But, paradoxically, that was none relief at all. It was another burden for me. Another pain, another difficulty for my personality. I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. And this only to look nice on some guys’ eyes!

Well, that was no worth at all. As long as I couldn’t feel comfortable with myself, there was no reason to keep pretending I was not a nerd. Because I am a nerd!! I am so pleased when I scored 100 out of 100 on a test. I am glad to say I love reading. I am glad to be the only one that both knew all the answers and helped the other classmates with their own tests. I don’t hesitate to say that I love Star Wars or collect comic books. I don’t have any fear to reveal all my “nerdy” habits. Because this is me! This is the Vagialena the others know and this is the Vagialena the others love! Well, I’m a nerd! So?

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