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Women and our Society

Women in our society are portrayed as looking beautiful and fresh as well as loving things that are considered ‘feminine’ such as makeup, shopping and fluffy animals. But what is a woman and where is her place in society?

Until about one hundred years ago, women did not have a lot of freedom and were considered to be ‘lower’ than men. They were forced to do the cooking, the cleaning and looking after the children. These jobs were considered jobs for women and men turned up their noses on them. Women weren’t even allowed to vote. Now we have a lot more independence and we can vote, get a job and do pretty much anything that men can.

Although a lot has changed, women and young girls are still thought to be ‘soft’. For example, take those sexist comments made by primary school boys on the playground, “she’s such a girl”, “just like a girl” and even “She can’t do this! She’s a girl” are often used as a way of declaring superiority. Such comments are not made by everyone however and many studies have shown that sexism is not born but learnt meaning that children whose parents are sexist may think that it is the right thing to do and continue to do so until it is a habit, while children whose parents despise sexism will grow up learning that it is wrong.

A stereotypical Australian woman is young, beautiful and feminine. This idea has probably come from the consistent effort to use women to sell products such as makeup, hair products and even things for men’s views such as sports cars and alcohol. There is no reason why women can’t enjoy these things to and many do but the media has different ideas. The media has a big effect on our society and they can control what the new fashion, look or entertainment is as well as what makes a person cool. For Women this means looking beautiful and sexy in a Barbie look-alike way, wanting things that make them look more desirable and loving fashion. For Men this means looking tough and cool with leather jackets, fast cars and sports.

What the young girls of today need as a role model is not this type of woman but a woman that they can really look up to. Such a woman should be smart, productive, reliable, compassionate, nice, sensible, brave and not afraid to try new things. Loving fashion and beauty products is not bad but it should also be mixed with other things such as those listed above. Likewise an effective female role model for the young women should have a wide range of interests and the right balance of sensibility and fun.

However, the question still stands, what is a woman and where is her place in society?

The answer is far from simple, a stereotypical woman, sadly is a Barbie look-alike but a real woman and her place in society is hers to choose whether she spends her life in pubs with men who only like her for her looks or reaches high to become great like Julia Gillard who is now Australia’s first woman prime minister.

Who will you be?

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Texas_Horsegirl said...
Aug. 10, 2011 at 7:34 pm:
None of this has ever happened to me, and if someone says that all women are beautiful, I would agree!
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Emmyluwho said...
Aug. 5, 2011 at 3:04 pm:

I couldn't agree more. Whenever I would want to play with the boys on the playground, they would always tell me to "go be a cheerleader" because I was a girl. Whenever I argue that girls are just a powerful as boys, they say- "There isn't a woman president, is there?". I realize now that the reason there isn't a female president in America is because generations of girls have been told they are too weak or emotional or powerless to do so.

Isn't that just sad?

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