A girl that nows

April 25, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm sitting in this chair watching this girl cry and scream, with now one to help her.She has been through a lot, but what can i do? I don't live in that house.All i can do id watch, watch this girl get picked on, hurt,get wet,By kids younger then her.This kids think that by hurting someone they think thee cool but i can tell you by experience its not. Why wont anyone help this girl? why wont i help her? Am i scared yes, yes i am. I now so much about this girl, she is my friend, she has been males ted, hurt. shes done drugs and has cutted. This girl can be my idol, She is strong but at any time she can become weak. She can become so weak that she will break. Now i understand this girl. She has done everything for everyone and has may friends. I am one and will always be one.I am a friend that care for her, that worries every day.I now if i found out this girl broke without telling me i would never talk to her. but inside i will always love this girl tell death

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