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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

AfterSeptember 11, 2001 some Americans questioned the meaning of Islam. Some got theanswers they were looking for, and some did not even bother and passed quickjudgments about things they know nothing about. People need to learn the factsbefore they make decisions, otherwise they are prejudiced. Many people passedjudgment on my family, so I know from experience how it feels to be hated for noreason.

I am a 16-year-old Arab-American. I was born and raised in theUnited States. I have been to my parents' home country, Palestine, many times,but as much as I love visiting, nothing compares to the United States. I love thelife I have here. I have the normal American teenager's life and love a largefries and shake from McDonald's, while still keeping my pride in being anArab.

After September 11, it was as though my family took a spin back intime when it was openly whites against blacks. I felt so much hate aimed at myfamily that I never imagined could happen. I was called "Osama'sniece," and people even slashed my mother's tires. And my father, who hasdone so much for so many, has suffered the most. The business he owns, whichsupports his whole family, slowed tremendously because people did not want togive business to an Arab.

It hurts to know that people blame the majorityof Arabs for what a handful did. Knowing that Arabs were responsible for thisselfish, inhumane act, and that they did it for Islam and Allah (God), upsets mevery much because it contradicts the meaning of Islam. Islam is a religion ofpeace and love, not doom and hate. Nothing in the Quran tells us to kill innocentpeople. Those terrorists made all Arabs look evil when they decided to use Islamas an excuse to attack America.

Since September 11, I realized that no onereally knows about Islam. All they teach in history class is that Mohammad is ourprophet and the Quran is our holy book. I worry that this may be all people willever know. I feel the reason for me to wake up each morning is to teach peoplethe true meaning of Islam. It matters to me that people know the truth.

Weall need to learn about different races, religions and languages and realize thatthe world would be a very boring place if we all looked the same, spoke the same,and worshipped in the same manner. God put different people on this earth for areason, which I believe is to test us to see how well we can get along. We'vegone through so many wars; how about we start fresh and show that we can passthis test of life and obey His wishes by getting along and living in peace?

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on Mar. 17 2011 at 12:54 pm
BitterSweet1993 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Well spoken. This is a wonderful piece and sincerely it has touched me. To me 9/11 was an attack I didn't care who did it; black, white, hispanic, indian, or asian. All I cared for was for the attackers, or the rest of thier organization, to be stopped and taken down. Too many thoughtless and scared people haven't looked into 9/11. They were just all too satisfied in screaming and yelling like primates. And way to ready to just hate. It's sad when so many "brilliante" people fall under the spell of fear and turn it into such a terrible thing. Thank you for speaking about this. I am sorry, as an American teenage girl and friend to many Islamic people, for all of you and your families trouble.


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