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September 1, 2009
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Individuality cannot be achieved. There is no road map. No secret recipe. Not even a rank; it’s nominal. Individualism is what we were. What we are no longer.

For nine months, we were all individuals. We were eight pounds, three ounces of the purest form of individuality. We stood a foot tall, and answered to no one. We slept when we wanted, kicked when we wanted. The moment we let our lungs accepted air in the form of a desperate gasp for the first time, we lost all hope of individuality. We invited the natural process of conformity to mask us.

Before we fell victim to cultural influences, we were unique beings. Individuality came in the form of timing, of fingerprints, and emotions. Individuality was when our thoughts had so much freedom a language could not bind it. It was when we could not put words to feelings. We communicated without our mouths and hands. We were individuals when we did not know what individualism was.

We were individuals when it counted. We molded, entertained, created ourselves when we needed it the most. There was laughing without sound, joy without glint. We were loved for exactly what we were. There were no clothes, no trends. It made no difference which brand of handbag we carried because we had more important priorities; designing ourselves. We were sole authors to what we were, before we handed the pen to someone else, before they edited our final draft.

When we grew up, we were imprinted by others. We gradually lost ourselves and became someone else. It was normal. It was mandatory. Parts of our individuality lead us to this. It subconsciously guided us to become unified with others. It showed us that the sacredness of individuality must be shed in order to create order. That pure individualism could not be rewarded with relationship, the single element we thrive on.

Individualism did us a favor. It consumed us in a time so precious we cannot remember. We were blessed with the gift of ourselves. The only thing it asks in return is that we sacrifice individuality to learn want and desire, to learn love.

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C.E.Roth said...
Feb. 17 at 7:53 pm
This is terrific! I have never read anything like this. So impressed.
SierraLikesSnow said...
Nov. 12, 2009 at 1:02 pm
This is a beautiful piece. It's very true as well. You have a great view on this.
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