And I Pray

May 24, 2009
By **anna** BRONZE, San Elizario, Texas
**anna** BRONZE, San Elizario, Texas
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In the middle of a racial conflict, lost in the world of confusion i pray. Suppressed by manipulation, scorned by attitudes, caught up in wat is known as "gringo society". i pray. 1954 "operation wetback" deports 3.8 million persons of mexican descent i pray. 1965 Malcom X, shot to death at harlem rally in New York and i pray. I pray for the ones before me, as millions marched through the streets of our home, standing up for i see as human equality, fighting the same fight we are still fighting amongs our selfs. So i ask, why do we fight? walking what is supposed to be a "free and peaceful" country, i see and experience discrimination, when it is my color that struggles for their right to live! therefore, my patriotism shall not questioned! Every step i take is a memory. A memory of the blood that was shed on the land of "my people". Martin Luther King Jr, Cesar Chavez, J.F.K. We've worked, sweated, bled and up to this day we pray for life to begin again for this war to end. But when will it end?!? We have become completely oblivious to the seduction of todays world and blinded by what media has us believing. We need not war between us! What we need is love to show us how this game of freedom is played! While soilders are fighting at Iraq, we too are killing each other for a reason which none can say. We are a nation born of freedom not war, express it i say! If others have fought before us and for us, why are we still in battle? God has send a message, it is not our calling to place a question mark where he had placed a period. On September 11, 2001 thousands of innocent lives lost. and i still pray!!

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My class and I were talking about this subject and i just felt so inspired!Hope you enjoy!

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