Feedback on “Don’t Pray for Me

April 24, 2018
By Jennifer.L SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
Jennifer.L SILVER, Brooklyn , New York
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“Don’t Pray for Me” by Haley L. really captured my attention. The title itself brought one word into my mind, “why.” What would make someone deny the support from others? As I continued reading I found my answer.
Haley writes “I’m tired of hearing it on the news, tired of hearing you say how sorry you are, tired of the empty prayers.” I can’t help but agree with her. There are things people can do to prevent events like Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland from ever happening again, yet there isn’t much done to protect students from future harm. Tweets and liking a post about the tragedy would not reverse the shooting or prevent another one. We should be standing up ourselves and making our voices heard, not staring at a glowing screen typing our condolences.

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