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April 9, 2018
By Elyana SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Elyana SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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In "The Value of Experimentation," Bessie Huang ardently defends why experimenting should not be viewed as any less than committing to a certain activity. I wholeheartedly agree with her stance since it is so difficult to decide what bests suits a person, especially if they have only had around 18 years of life. Experimenting should be encouraged, not only because it helps a person decide what they like, but it also helps them develop as a person with interests and abilities. Had I not tried out for softball my freshman year, I would have never realized I the sport as a whole and enjoyed being in an environment where I joked and practiced with my teammates. Why should I have to be weighed down by a commitment that I do not enjoy when I can try thousands of other activities that I find fun? Commitment just does not make sense in that aspect and colleges should realize that as well.

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