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Feedback on "Girls with Cherry Lipstick Smiles"

February 12, 2018
By alsou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
alsou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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While reading the February issue of Teen Ink I was frusturated reading, "Girls with Cherry Lipstick Smiles" by Giselle Ponce-Lucatero. Although Giselle does a great job providing visuals, the message of the fiction piece did not send out a positive message to readers, more specifically women all around the world who would be reading the issue. The entire piece is basically a build up of shaming other girls for how they are, in order to make the narrator seem better in comparison. She is not like everybody else and she doesnt conform to these standards that every single other girl in the world follows, so she is special, and she wants people to acknowledge that. You do do not need to put others down to hype yourself up. You do not need to judge the "Girls with Cherry Red Lipstick", who take photos of themselves, and get asked to dances, and buy the latest phones, and say that their lives aren't worth the effort they put in. And quite frankly, they do not care if you don't want to be one of them. So next time you want to appreciate your (I'm sure very very beautiful) self, you do not need to justify self admiration with disrespect toward other girls and how they live their lives. Women are meant to empower each other. We are all different, and that's the beauty of life. We must accept that we are all different instead of using that as a platform to spread negativity. 

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