Review of Boy Scouts is for Boys

January 10, 2018
By MagicTheGathering BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
MagicTheGathering BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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The article “Boy Scouts is for Boys,” written by Rick B., talks about Boy Scouts and their changing ideas. This article left me feeling scared for other all male groups. This article is talking about how Boy Scouts have started to implement female troop and will soon have co-ed troops. I was a long time Boy Scouts, and I know that Boy Scouts was made of boys. In the article, he talks about how no one is scrutinizing all-female groups like Girls Scouts.  There is plenty of scrutinization of religious groups like Boy Scouts. I feel if Boy Scouts continue to change it will be a fundamentally changed group that can no longer be revered to as Boy Scouts; however, Girl Scouts will still exist because of there is no scrutiny of all female organizations. All-male groups are forced to change to the whims of others. I do believe that an organized group of scouts would be nice, but co-ed troops are not the answer. Boy Scouts “was designed to be a boys-only organization.” His opposition may say but co-ed troop in other countries work but as he says, “No one wants to talk about the downside.” I do believe that a unified scouting group would work but not co-ed troops.

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