Feedback on "Seventeen Years Old"

November 12, 2017

It is quite difficult to address multiple social issues at once. However, Sara B., author of “Seventeen Years Old”, manages to do it in less than a page’s worth of words. Sara creates compact paragraphs, each telling her age and an event the occured that presented a social issue. Additionally, she uses a short paragraph to reveal her thoughts on each issue, but in a way that is not obvious. She uses powerful words to convey her messages, and her way of wording things assists the reader in connecting to the piece.

Sara’s 10 year old anecdote was my favorite. It showed the problem surrounding a few boys in her class. They were looking at girls while the girls were changing clothes. Sara clearly shows that she thought the boys deserved a more severe punishment. However, she does this in a concealed manner that draws the reader in.

Moreover, Sara repeats the phrase, “I am 17 years old.” This repetition emphasizeed her age, to show that she understanded the issue. I enjoyed reading this piece because it was relatable for me. I strongly believe that girls should be respected and given privacy. Sara B. and me included.

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