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June 19, 2017
By Learner SILVER, Vancouver, Columbia
Learner SILVER, Vancouver, Columbia
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Exams are the basic part of our learning. Exams are really important in any educational organizations. Many people are scared of exams and think it is useless. But they are not useless. Through exams we would be able to know that how much we have learned the whole year. In every part of the world and in every educational organizations, schools, colleges, universities exams are held. If there weren’t any exam then the people would choose the carrier they like and they would get the degree in free because they wouldn’t have to give exams. If there weren’t any exams then the students who are good in studies would probably get no appreciation. Anyone would become a doctor, pilot, scientist, teacher easily. The doctors would not be trained so they would do wrong surgeries, the pilots would crash the planes and much more. No one will take interest in studies because would knew that there are no exams. So, we can see that exams are really important. Exams have many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that the students who are good in studies would get appreciation when they will get good grades. They would get awards. in any field the student will go, he will give exams and will be trained for it. On the other hand, the disadvantages are that the student will try to defeat the other student and could the wrong way to get success in exams and that is cheating. It will increase jealousy but in my opinion exams are important. So, we should take exams positive and perform it rightly. 

The author's comments:

We should take exams positive and perform rightly and never do cheating and i hope that many people will follow it and perform exam rightly.

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