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Feedback on "The Humanities Make Us Human"

   I found the piece "The Humanities Make Us Human" to be very intriguing. Edith's writing explores a variety of societal topics related to the lack of interest in the humanities among youth. She writes, "Why have art and literature and philosophical questions that could change and shape our cultural lives lost meaning to us? Created out of expression, rebellion, and pioneering, classical works are timeless – or so we thought." This line was eye-opening and sad at the same time. The classic works of literature have grand backgrounds behind them. They were created, as Edith says, out of expression and rebellion. They can change our lives, and yet we toss them aside as if they are meaningless.


   The fact that today's youth has little understanding of classical art or literature makes me question what society is being molded into. Rather than reading Shakespeare, teens read fashion magazines and pine over their favorite celebs. English teachers announcing the latest book that students must read triggers groans and exasperated sighs. Furthermore, "artistry" has been dragged down to a level of showering pictures with colorful filters for likes on social media. What does this say about us? These things don't make us human. The humanities make us human, and our grasp on them is weakening with every moment. Edith's piece opened my eyes on how the definition of "classics" is changing along with our society. We can't let go of what makes us human. 

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