Feedback on Good-Bye Tyler

March 2, 2017

“Good-Bye, Taylor,” by Tyler M., is a memoir that recalls the meaning of childhood friendships. It begins with Tyler explaining his view of a childhood friendship’s expectations. He says “…they must be about your size and be at a similar point in their cognitive development…” I distinctly remember in elementary school looking for friends to meet this criteria, specifically the size one. I was always the small one, and somehow ended up associating with the tallest kids in my grade. Contrary to Tyler, I actually looked for kids who were less developed that I, because it made me feel better about myself. He then goes into describing the fascinating dynamics of his friend group. He says “By logical measure, we shouldn't have gotten along.” I found this statement extraordinarily relatable, because to this day I sometimes wonder why on Earth my friends and I haven't killed each other by now.

Tyler then compares his time spent with his friends to a vacation. “We were a self contained vacation;” he says, “I’d rather spend every Sunday morning watching Mike strikeout with that pretty redhead than sitting on a beach in the Dominican Republic. I absolutely adored this line because it sums up how I feel about my friend group, even if, like Tyler’s, we don’t always get along. The final stretch of the memoir tells the reader that his friend group will be together one last time as they mourn the loss of one of the originals. The last line is a powerful one, that beautifully ties up Tyler’s memoir in a perfect full circle.

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