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Point and Shoot

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In the writing titled Point and Shoot written by Vamika Sinha I felt intrigued and involved.  Her writing about the reality of "social" media "socialization" left me feeling enlightened for the lack of a better word.  I agree with Vamika's statement, "...the worlds new pandemic is narcissism.", because it is blaitently and undoubtfully the truth.  I relate to this article because this issue is present in every aspect of my life.  Sitting in the family room no longer holds the same meaning for me.  Instead of talking about how days were spend at school or work my parents are now consumed by the god-like powers of Facebook and Youtube.  

Her points are so strong because they are so eay to see.  There are no parties where someone isn't staring soullessly into their phone to check the number of likes they got on Instagram.  When she gives the example about two friends at brunch and says, "But your friend is silent, busy uploading a picture of her salid to the Internet.", it really hits home for me.  It's truelly saddening that the technology meant to connect us can disconnect us the most.

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