Feedback On "Please Respect My Choice"

September 17, 2016
By ashthenerd1 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
ashthenerd1 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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The article “Please Respect My Choice,” by Ava Budarvi-Glenn, was a well written piece about the element of feminism in the ongoing race for President. Ava tells about how her Democrat friends criticized her support for Hilary Clinton, and how they claimed that one could only support Hilary because she is a woman. The piece gave a very valid and clever insight to this year’s election, and tackled an issue that many female democrats are facing.

Aa a fellow female Democrat, I have experienced exactly what Ava described, and felt that she captured the very essence of the issue. In the second to last paragraph, she states “Election year was supposed to be a year in which we could move our country forward. Instead, we held it back by getting so caught up in our own opinions that we completely disrespected others.” Ava then ties up the article by saying “I do not support Hilary Clinton because I am a feminist. I support her because she is my choice for president.” I respect your choice, Ava. And America? Respect my choice as well.

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