December 2, 2008
By Nazar Nosalskiy, Boise, ID

I liked the story called “The Whirlpool”. It is about rafting on a strong river. It was suspenseful because the person in the story was trapped under the raft!

It all happened when the person was rafting and they saw a small waterfall. They thought it would be fun. When they came to the waterfall the boat bent in half. Then she fell out and the whirlpool sucked her under.

Then her life jacket pulled her up. She said that she opened her eyes and saw yellow which meant she was under the boat. She tried to move to the side and get out but the whirlpool kept her under.
But the when she felt like passing out someone pulled her out by putting an oar under the boat and then she and came out on to the boat. When they pulled her out she said she heard voices and then blacked out.
After reading and rereading I thought the uniqueness of this paper is because it was said in first person and it felt like you were there.

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