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A Tiger Mother's Slumber

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Chang Min Hahn’s article, “A Tiger Mother’s Slumber”, is a heartfelt narrative that delves into a difficult circumstance in the author’s life, a circumstance from which readers can glean valuable lessons.
With her adept skills at writing, Chang immediately drew me into her story and made no reservations about pouring out the flood of emotions that encompassed her as she dealt with the declining health of her mother and her own inner turmoil about the “weaker, kinder, and milder woman I [the author] slowly learned to hate.”
I appreciated the honesty and openness with which Chang approached sharing her story, and even though I have not experienced such unfortunate and life-changing challenges, her story is an inspiration to me, and no doubt to others.
Chang teachers us through her experiences that, in the face of adversity, there is always some way to go on, some way to move forward. Even if it seems as though the whole world has turned upside down-just as the author’s life changed when her mother slowly lost the strength and authority that had guided her- there is always a way to push on and maintain hope, a hope Chang exemplifies by never quite ceasing to sustain the image of a strong and powerful woman she knew her mother to be.
I thank you, Chang, for sharing this amazing story.

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