Poetry Format Problem

September 23, 2013
When I write my poetry, a lot of thought is put into where I break the lines. It affects the flow of the poem, especially a closed- form poem, such as a limerick. The line breaks change how the reader reads the poem and how it looks.
Sometimes my lines are too long for the format of the website and they get indented halfway through. The area where the writing goes is very narrow and because of that many times the format of my poem is changed slightly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a huge deal. However I broke the lines where I did for a reason and it would be better if I could have my poem appear on the site the way that I wrote it.
Have you ever thought of widening the place where the writing goes? I don’t know much (well, anything) about website designing, so I have no idea what problems that would cause or if it would cause any. But perhaps I could just suggest that you consider it.
I really enjoy using this website and the great feedback I am able to receive on my writing. I really think that Teenink helps me to be a better writer!
Have a great day!

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