The Bone Corset

November 15, 2012
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"The Bone Corset" by Natalie is an article that has greatly stood out to me in the November issue of Teen Ink. She tells a haunting story about the war she'd had been with anorexia. What I really enjoyed about her article is the way it was told. From the first line, I was intrigued. When "The White Woman" was introduced, chills went down my spine. Natalie brings us into her mind, on a violent train ride of nightmares and addiction. This wasn't just a story about a girl with anorexia. This was about a battle she had with herself."The White Woman" was a part of her that craved "perfection". With every pound lost, a desire to lose more came, unstoppable, irresistible. At times, it seemed all she wanted was to disappear all together, until there was nothing left. My mind screamed out when the White Woman had pulled her back in, my eyes widened as they ran over the lines describing that evil of the White Woman. With each line of the article, every vivid description, I felt more like someone right next to Natalie, watching her, and less like some girl sitting down in a metal chair, reading letters in a magazine. "The Bone Corset" had really touched me. It was an astonishing article, Natalie, and thank you for sharing your shocking story with us.

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