The Hunger Games review

December 11, 2011
By madrigaltrooper BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
madrigaltrooper BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I would like to start off by saying that as far as the content of The Hunger Games review, I agree on all counts. I too felt as if the quality of writing in the best-selling fell short, especially when compared with the flawlessly woven plot. I was assaulted by the glaring lack of character development and the candy-coated series ending, yet despite it all I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Thereby, my problem with this review lies not in the opinion itself, but the way that it is presented.

Despite the issues in format and professionalism of writing, my main qualm with this review lay in the very way Rosalie B chose the present the content that I had previously agreed with whole-heartedly. Despite later stating that she liked the book, she spent more time describing all of it’s failings then she did explaining why she enjoyed it (in fact, she only ever mentioned the fact that she liked the book at all twice in the entire review). I am not stating that as a reviewer, Rosalie should’ve kept us in the dark as to the many flaws of the action novel, for that would be undermining the very core of an honest review. I am simply stating that in an ultimately positive review, Rosalie should’ve made her stance clear from the very beginning, making the review at the very least, equal parts positive and negative. Instead she only succeeded in creating what ultimately seemed like a five paragraph contradiction. Altogether, when taking into account that the very soul of a review lies in the strength of the reviewers opinions, I am left wondering why Rosalie did not give preference to a book that had inspired stronger feelings within her for a topic of review. Instead she simply left the reader confused as to her beliefs on the novel and wondering whether or not The Hunger Games is worth reading.

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