"Standing Up to the Man"

December 6, 2011
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This article was surprising to me and caught my attention automatically as a reader. This was a good topic to have written about for many reasons but mainly because the majority of our community now a days tries to avoid serious issues and dangers that we have one being rape and abuse. In all honesty we all have to face reality and look it how the statistics are and unless we do something about it there going to continue to rise drastically. Like the article says us as women need to learn how to “ Stand up to the man “ it may be very hard because many of us live in fear but if we show our vulnerability and fear men will not stop and know they have the control. The article showed pride, confidence and hope that this would stop and that’s what I liked.
Although I enjoyed it reading this there were some things that could have made it better. Throughout the sentences I felt like she had no emotions even though the words and paragraphs showed great characteristics I still felt like she needed to express it a little bit more. In my opinion I would have put emphasis on how strongly I felt about this article not only because it’s a touching subject but because the reader needs to understand the intensity of this. All in all in the end I was glad I read this article.

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