Comment on "Epidemic of Stupidity"

October 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I agree with what Sarah McCrea is saying in “An Epidemic of Stupidity.” I agree with her that by watching shows like this will dumb down our teens but mostly girls. I also agree because by watching these showing that some girls will get to the point of thinking that by being dumb will attract the gentlemen. I have to add on with what she was going with though. In these shows there are probably many instances of sexual behavior and many instances of fighting within relationships causing bad break-ups. When were talking about how bad these shows are at church, one of our youth leaders exclaimed“How many nervous break downs does Snooki have to have before she gets help or realizes she has a problem?” He laughed at it and said it’s true, and it’s sad that shows these days are always teaching that having sex is true love. Scientist realize why the number of pregnant teens are going up. Well, it’s because of TV shows like these. Overall, TV show’s like “Jersey Shore” or “My New BFF” can be funny and entertaining, but they send out a negative message.

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