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September 29, 2011
By Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Bernard Slawomirski GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“My Syria” by Nadia A. portrays Syria so accurately. The media has reported extensively on the Arab Spring but never from such a personal perspective. Nadia can deeply relate to the Syrian uprisings. The article shows that the Arab Spring has great meaning not just for the citizens of those Middle Eastern nations, but also for those who have emigrated from them.

The jarring contrast between how Nadia saw Syria as a little girl and how she sees it now makes the reader wish her homeland could be just as wonderful as she naively remembers it. Nevertheless, we are forced to recognize the brutality of the Syrian regime through Nadia's descriptions of its atrocities.

What surprised me most, however, was reading about the Syrian government's attempts at international repression, along with its domestic abuses. It even makes targets of people in free, democratic countries. It must be extremely frustrating to be a Syrian immigrant, trying to support a change in your homeland, yet being afraid to protest in a nation where protesting is a right! If the Syrian government tracks you down, you may endanger relatives you have left behind or be prevented from visiting your native land again.

This article has given me a new perspective on the Arab Spring, and I really hope that there will come a time when Nadia's “dying Syria” is finally reborn.

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