It's Not Your Fault

September 23, 2011
By ElenaP SILVER, Phx, Arizona
ElenaP SILVER, Phx, Arizona
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I wholeheartedly agree with Sandra R’s article “It’s Not Your Fault.” I know what’s like to be sexually harassed. Whoever said that a girl gets raped, stalked, or even raped is really dumb. “…It’s not what a girl wears, but something is wrong with the perpetrator,” is actually true. Making girls believe that sexual harassment is their fault is a bunch of nonsense. It’s not our fault, but it’s the person who is harassing. Just like you said whoever is being threaten, raped, harassed has to tell someone right away before it gets worse. Thank you, Sandra for the article you wrote and I am sure that you are helping everyone understand that “It’s Not Your Fault.”

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