Adele 21

September 22, 2011
By TyraaSwaqq BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
TyraaSwaqq BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I both agree and disagree with Tom Hey and his article “Adele 21.” In this article Tom talks about Adele’s new CD that has gotten popular over the past year. I disagree with some of his opinions of Adele’s song. Like for an example the song “Take It All” is quoted by Tom saying “The song has the potential to be amazing but stops and starts so frequently that no flow is created.” However, my opinion is that this song is a beautiful that Adele made herself. Whatever she sings, she sings from the heart; therefore, Adele’s songs piece together story of Adele’s life. I agree with Tom’s last opinion about the song “Someone Like You,” wholeheartedly. This song is my favorite, it does make you shed nostalgic tears of pain, and feel Adele’s pain. Adele’s music will always be phenomenal to the world and to me. I thank Tom Hey for writing this article, and for me to read someone else’s opinion, instead of my own.

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