"The Lies We Tell"

January 20, 2011
By Angel Sanchez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Angel Sanchez BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Crystal Larsen's piece, "The Lies We Tell" portrays an ominous feeling. While we she makes perfect sense that the innocent are blind to the horrific realities in life, it seems she blindly throws many random points that don't tie together. One moment she negatively writes against being blinded, "like the frog that boils in water," yet at the end, she feels that people should be naive like children so they wont have a care in the world. She complains that parents and educators censor the truth students deserve to know, but she also feels that life is too important to waste your time dwelling on tragedies. Although she has a wide-eyed view and opinion on life, it seems like she is still trying to figure it out herself. Her points are far from wrong, but judging from her article, her thoughts are scattered everywhere.

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