December 10, 2009
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I wholeheartedly agree with Frankie M. in the article "Why we write". As I read this article I was nodding my head the whole time, it's as if everything he said I feel or have felt. Emotions come at us from left to right, many times we don't know how to react to certain situations, but usually when we write it down it is a great relief. There has been plenty of times were I have just wrote all my emotions down and they turn into beautiful poems. When we write we express ourselves are true selves without no worry or hesistation. Frankie wrote "I write for the same reason I breathe", this was extremely moving for me. At times we want to scream, cry, and so many other emotions we feel, but instead we bottle it up, and become sick inside. Once we have let it out, we feel good because everything that was bottled up has been let out. The things we write may not seem like much but it can hit someone to the heart and help them get through problems. Frankie, thank you for reminding me why I write and why I love it. You deserve a big round of applause.

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