Texting Can Wait

January 11, 2018
By Paulina00 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
Paulina00 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Everyday people are victims of car accidents caused by texting. Some people don’t realize that the people who text are putting those around them at risk.You mentioned that you were about to walk the crosswalk and a car who towards you had a driver that wasn’t paying attention to the road but on his phone.Thank goodness you weren’t hurt because it would have really affected you , your family, and the person that almost hit you.I agree with you that the “Texting and driving is completely avoidable and should not be done under any circumstances.” There is no excuse for someone to pull their phone out and text while behind the wheel .This has changed the way Ilook at how texting and driving is very dangerous to people around me. Thank you Keith for allowing me to stop and think about my decisions.

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