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Nature's drug store

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In today’s world of chemical pollution and poisoned resources, a way of life surrounding the natural elements is increasingly attractive.
Even in medicine we have discovered that the so called wonder drugs are a mixed blessing bringing a range of unsuspected side effects. Thus, now a bottle of pills doled by the chemist no longer seems the best option.
But actually the all the drug we use have an herbal origin. Plants found in the nature’s chest are the oldest health care products. These are vital for the treatment for some serious disorders like cancers and heart diseases. And remain the essence of the medical field. 80% of people all over the world depend on natural remedies. Medicinal plants are found most abundantly in nature. They grow everywhere. Ranging from on mountain and jungles and even in the depths of the oceans, who knew that there was a different kind of drug store –an ancient and vital one, all around us? These have also penetrated deep in the cultures of various countries , like India in the form of priceless cultural heritage. Like Ayurveda , the science of life, this not only cures the body but also rejuvenates it and boosts our immunity. It is a surprise that with modernization in every walk of, slow but sure traditional medicines have not acquired the back seat. For recall the first remedy when you had a severe cold was not a strip of tablets but old grandma’s remedy of tulsi and turmeric.
After all, it’s thus rightly said that,”All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by the nature. It is our challenge to uses them effectively.”

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