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Explaining Bipolar

By , Akeley, MN
One minute your pissed five short seconds later you feel hopeless

Highs and lows of episodes

Scary how fast you damage you're life in minutes or less

Every thought every mood so intense

I feel like I'm invisible and destined for greatness
Hour or so later I'm reckless and out of control.

I want to claw out my loved ones eyes
And then a second later I'm weeping with guilt

Never think of consequences and hopelessly delusional

Intense irritability I feel like a monster

Scary thoughts that make me feel horribly guilty

Don't know who to tell of what to do

Can't find ways in describing my emotions with words
Feel so helpless
So much stress

Hate fall and winter for they cause me my worse episodes

Who to tell who not to tell I honestly don't known

Too hopeless to care..

Tomorrow I shall agree with everyone else and think I was overtired. I was just overreacting.

Next time tho I would think differently and it will be worse.

Sometimes out of nowhere get this rush

Try the impossible
Test limits
React out of impulse
Say way to much

It's like a high.

And just like it started its gone.

You're just left with regret.

Doctors call this mania, or depressive episodes.

I call it a curse that we fight everyday.

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