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The Smoky Truth

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A brisk evening walk everyday is very healthy and a habit of my family.On one such evening and as we walked in the park on I enjoyed the view of aspiring cricketers practicing and ladies gossiping.I breathed in the fresh fragrance of the evening blossoms then suddenly a foul smell entered my nostrils which made me cough and wheeze awfully.I felt as if I had entered a smokestack.When I was calm enough to open my eyes I realized the foul smell was of the smoke coming from the cigarette of not an adult but a young lad !!! This scene literally shocked me.I was left dumbfound.I had heard and read about teenage smoking a lot and could very well predict the condition of the tar filled lungs of the lad after he becomes and adult.Or will he survive with this habit till then?!
Actually statistics prove that over 60000 people in the world choose to die and embrace the tobacco sticks in their teenage itself.
By the Wikipedia definition smoking is a practice in which a substance mostly tobacco is burned and the smoke is tasted/inhaled.And thus I do not really understand how do people get addicted to the 'yuck ' taste of basically dirty air? even though it makes their life shorter by 10 years!
Apart from causing 87% of lung cancer deaths it makes their body a house of hundred diseases like strokes,cataracts etc. it also affects those innocent non smokers.Yes,passive smoking or second hand smoking as it is called.So smoking is not only hazardous for the smokers but their close non smokers.It is specifically harmful to kids.It causes the effects of fatal diseases and deaths on the non smokers too
But now several laws and bills have been passed regarding this matter.As for example in Victoria and many other countries it is illegal to smoke in cars carrying children.Thanks to Mrs. Takeshi Hirayama who was discovered as the first victim of passive smoking with lung cancer in 1981 as her husband was an addicted smoker.But still this is not enough to eradicate this in teens .
Along with lethal diseases creeping in the bodies of the smokers studies show that their this habit costs the over a thousand dollars per year! So,clearly smoking is not only a waste of time but also a waste of health and money too.Then why do people still keep lighting it up?
Teenage smoking existed since its invention,but nowadays the number of teenage smokers id soaring very high.More strict laws need to be made and implemented,more teenagers need to be made aware of its harms and losses.
And Teen Ink , one of the most popular teen magazine which majority of teens read over the world is the best medium to spread awareness about this issue.
So, lets quit smoking because there are cooler ways to die than it!!!!!!!

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