War of diseases

April 16, 2013
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It is not less than one disease in each and every state but more than thousands. We just came through an outrageous illness called swine flu in which millions and millions of people disappeared but no one ever discovered a way of prevention for that disease but however pork was banished in many parts of the world as eating it was the main cause for most of them. It was not only but many diseases like cancer, many kinds of cancer were followed after swine flu. One of the most dangerous diseases which is killing majority of women in the world is breast cancer, it can be diagnosed easily if checked and doctors warn that the earlier it is treated the more it is better or it might lead to death too. As most of us are still aware about all these diseases, we are safe but what about the other half. It is we who are all to teach the people about their health and explain each and every one the serious problems if they are not aware. Starting from the children till the adults must have a habit of washing their hands and feet when they come back home after shopping, work or even school too. Secondly for the men, it is very necessary for them to stop smoking or drinking alcohol or getting addicted to drugs because this is what leads to serious problems like lung cancer and heart attacks. These days no men can stop smoking but the best way is to do it step by step and to smoke very little at the beginning and then when they are used to smoking very little a day they can stop it completely. The most dangerous tool than the original cigarette is the electronic one so we should never use it as it will worsen our lungs within a week. The fact about the drugs, both men and women should never take drugs because once we are addicted lifelong we should live with drugs. Just living a life for its sake is very easy but living a life full of happiness without any sickness is very hard in the sense we should be very careful in what we do and what we eat too. Most of us including me too, we love eating in restaurants. Eating so much that we don’t measure the amount or the junk food we eat but instead eat a lot and go home and fall asleep. Doing this we become fat in no time forgetting that overweight leads to obesity and obesity leads to colon or rectal cancer. That’s why we all must even care about our meals when we eat. We should never eat a lot of cheese or foods which contain so much fat. On the other some people have an interest on eating a lot of chocolate based food or desserts. It is a fact which encourages people that a substance which creates love in our brain is an ingredient in chocolates but in the mean time it is what causes diabetes. I believe about the substance in our brain is the same in the chocolate because that’s why when we eat a chocolate once; we always want the same because it makes us addicted to it. However coming to the point of health it is very bad to eat a large amount of chocolate as it causes diabetes which is now a major disease in teens. Teens are the ones who are expected to be strong and active enjoying everything but now it has turned out to be a complete disaster because of these diseases. Once in a while we can have a chocolate bar or a chocolate dessert but not every time, it will be better if twice in a month. Coming to the French fries we see that it is very oily and delicious which we always buy it as a side dish for MacDonald’s or even Kentucky fried chicken. We do realize how much tasty it is but we don’t realize how it is made and using what. Fries are fried in pure oil and served with salt slightly on it and too much oil is what causes cholesterol as a disease in our body. Cholesterol is based on oily foods such as fried burgers, fries and some Asian curries too. Oil is an important ingredient but we should know that a little of everything is better as for the oil. Knowing everything has its goodness as well as badness we should all eat healthy foods and be very clean to be aware of all the diseases in this world. Believing that we all can fight the battle of diseases as much as we can I would end up my article.

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